12 November 2009

Went out with my frenz, Swee Yin.. ^^.. today leh.. first we went to chinatown.. cos gonna restock our toiletries stuffs ma.. hahhaha… reach there about 3pm+ ba.. den we first went to Swantsons browse ard nor.. den I finally spotted the korea shampoo I’m looking for de.. hahha.. KersSys Hair Clinic System.. hmmm.. gt alot different type de sia.. den the SA recommand me the more premium range de.. which is KeraSys hair Clinic System – Oriental premium shampoo.. but den the price also veri nice.. $20 for the 600ml shampoo, conditioner also 600ml, cost $20 nor.. the normal range de also 600ml but the price much cheaper.. $10.90.. hmmm.. but I end up neva buy la.. cause don wanna carry so heavy stuff shoppin ard & another reason jiu shi I wanna google for more reviews first b4 I buy nor.. though both ranges also smell nice.. *Hmmm~*

Alright.. next we went to oceans.. also browse ard.. den next went to ley wah.. hahaha.. we always buy frm here de.. cos for me leh.. among all the 3 shops hor.. though ley wah price abit similar to oceans.. but at least ley wah their items r displayed more nicely & not so dusty as compared to oceans & swantsons nor.. =x So I end up buying.. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser $13.30.. watsons sell ard $16+ ba.. den aft tt my frenz bought perfume as a bday present 4 her frenz nor.. next we walk ard lo.. den I spotted herbal essences shampoo in a smaller size 200ml.. hehehe… $2.20 only nah..! Of cos I gt buy la.. I choose the herbal essences spa indulgence de.. smell nicer ma.. =p Next went back to swantsons cos my frenz wanna buy tt shiseido tsubaki golden repair shampoo.. think is 300ml or 250ml, cost $3+ ba.. smell quite nice also~ I got tried before the red range shiseido tsubaki de but I find the shampoo too moisturising liao le..

Next leh.. went to vivo.. abit hungry le.. so went to buy some snacks makan first.. hehhehe.. den aft tt went to daiso.. LOL! Spotted alot of stuffs.. end up I bought 4 items den my frenz bought 3 items.. XD Aft tt went to bugis nor.. cos I wanna go kino.. wanna check whether they still gt stock for the YSL mook & also the freebie for a magazine lo.. heheh..

Reached there abt 8.05pm ba.. den first went to kino.. we saw the ysl mook at the counter area nor.. so I though shd b 4 those customers who called to reserve de ba.. so went to check other magazine lo.. den my frenz took 1 magazine frm the displayed shelves.. den aft tt all the magazine drop down.. ahhahaha… we try to put back but den still drop down lo.. den gt 1 kino staff helped us nor.. just nice I took tis chance 2 check wit the kino staff.. XD She v nice sia.. told me is at the counter area.. den I asked her those copies izzit for reserved customer or public de? Den she say no la.. for public de.. YEA! Den also asked her the kerastase freebie for the magazine still gt stock anot ma..den she helped me check & also show me the ysl mook displayed area… ^^ so nice nah! Hmmm.. aft much thinkin & advises frm my frenz.. finally I give in & bought it!! XD Yea…~ spend $36+.. T__T Pok liao.. Den aft tt went makan our dinner.. den went to iluma.. hahahha.. * funny sia.. my frenz rmb the wrong place..* XD Den aft tt went back to bugis nor.. bought some snacks le jiu take mrt back home~ Reach home abt 10pm+ nor..

Left: YSL MOOK ($29.60)
Right: Female Brides Fall 2009 Issue ($7)
*Free Kerastase Masque Oleo- Relax Slim (30ml) & Creme Oleo- Relax Slim (20ml)
[Worth $16] ^-^v

YSL Mook with the free YSL black tote bag~

All the YSL gold logo is by embroidery de.. not by printing on it.. ^^
Canvas material.. shd be able to fit A4 size~
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars.

Tote bag straps with the YSL logo

Inner pocket inside the tote bag~

Inner view of the tote bag.

Loots from chinatown~
Left: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (473ml)
Right: Clairol Herbal Essences Spa Indulgence (200ml)

*I ytd tried the herbal essences shampoo le.. smell nice~ Hair feel 
soft & smooth aft using.. gt alittle bit tangle hair nor.. but I'm 
still okay with it.. cause aft I use the shampoo le didnt use 
conditioner ma.. so got abit tangle hair is ok de... ^^

My daiso loots~

* The black big storage box not mine de.. is helped my bro buy de 
lo.. the rabbit dustbin v kawaii hor? XD

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