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Essential Damage Care (Nuance Airy) *Updated

YEA!! So happy.. just received my free sample from KAO.. heheh… I was trying my luck to see whether they will send me the another sample.. & they DID!! ^^ Hmmm.. waited for about 2weeks+ ba or around 2weeks? Not so sure le.. =x still haven try yet nor.. but I’ll update again after I tried it.. ^-^

Essential Damage Care Sample Kit (Nuance Airy)
Inner View

*Inside got a 15ml shampoo & a 15ml conditioner~ ^-^v** Updated with review (17 November 2009)
Finished trying the sample le nor.. both the 15ml shampoo & conditioner lasted me for 2 days use. Hmmm.. the shampoo smell was pretty gd since its made of rose essence ma.. hahah… after using the shampoo & conditioner leh.. my hair feel light, soft & smooth nor.. conditioner smell was pretty gd also.. not so overwhelming like the orange range de.. but after trying for the 2nd day leh.. after towel drying my hair.. den wanna comb hair hor.. ALAMAK!! Hair gt tangle up.. =.=” the 1st day I used hor.. no tangle hair sia.. nb de..! >__< So overall leh.. if I really wanna choose.. I’ll choose the orange range de nor.. hehhe..~

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

Arigatou KAO for the free sample once again!! Open-mouthed

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