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2-in-1 Post

3 November 2009

Woke up at 11am like tt nor.. den makan my breakfast.. surf net.. aft tt pack my bag cause ltr goin out nor.. den go bath..~ hahahha.. ard 2pm+ den go take bus.. =p reach there alrdy saw swee yin le.. oops~ =x Den leh.. we take 190 to orchard nor.. wa lao de.. suddenly the bus move when I was going to sit down sia.. so my thigh tio knocked dao by the seats lo.. pain sia.. den my frenz laugh sia.. haiz~ (Saw gt blue black while I was bathing~ =___=") Even now also still abit pain.. nb bus driver..!! Alright continue my story lo.. den reach orchard le.. we go Ion Etude House lo.. browse ard awhile.. (think they stop giving door gifts le ba, cause the basket inside all empty de.. ahahha) Next jiu go Ion shop lo.. 1st go B4.. hahhaa.. stomach abit hungry.. so I bought tt fried taiyaki with premium red beans filling de.. $2.. yum yum.. ^-^ Den shop awhile.. thirsty went back buy drinks nor.. $1.. lol.. den aft tt we jiu go wisma.. cause I need to go Dorothy Perkins collect duno wad stuff la..

Reach Dorothy Perkins le.. den go ask the cashier staff… den she passed me the stuff.. woot.. inside gt 15-20% off vouchers from 9 different UK brand shops lo.. hahhaha.. den leh.. we jiu shop ard… den go taka.. went to kino check out tt pinky dec magazine.. >_< still OOS.. nvm lo.. like tt can save money again.. hahahha.. den jiu go watsons lo.. bought some stuffs le.. den helped my mama buy tt manuka honey UMF 10 nor.. so go buy le den shop ard… next go Yoshinoya makan our dinner nor.. yum yum! From 6pm+ makan till 7pm+.. cause tt day hor we really duno wanna go where to shop sia & gt nth in mind wanna buy de nor.. so we anyhow shop here & there lo.. hahhaha..~ Aft tt jiu go Paragon lo.. anyhw shop here & there.. den take 190 go back home..~

Reach home abt 11pm ba.. yawn~ So boring..~~

Vouchers from Dorothy Perkins~

Vouchers Inner View

** Got 20% off Dorothy Perkins, 20% Topshop, 20% Topman, 20% Miss Selfridge, 20% Ben Sherman, 20% Warehouse, another 20% off voucher for those shops listed infront de, 15% G2000 & 15% Zone Denmark~ [Dunno can buy what sia.. hmmm~]

Yoshinoya Dinner ($7)

Beef & Tori with vege & drink set lo

4 November 2009

Yea…!! Finally received my CompAce November 2009 magazine… hahahha… bought it cause of the freebies la..!! Wahahah… magazine comes with a Nanoha Vivio file & a B2 size Lucky Star Poster!! The magazine SUPER THICK sia.. I though just a normal size magazine sia.. den when I saw the parcel.. so scary sia… its like the size of 3 Comptiq magazine nor.. quite scary hor.. hahahah..~   Total cost about $23+ nor.. the magazine was about $13+.. den shipment fee about $5+.. cause direct international shipping so abit exp lo.. postage about $4 like tt nor..  cause the magazine so bulky ma so postage abit exp lo..~ ^-^

CompAce Magazine (November 2009)

Nanoha Vivio File(Front view) & Lucky Star Poster (B2 size, double sided)

* The lucky star poster is double sided nor.. front view is the intro of places,food & etc all about lucky star de.. den back view is the poster.. (Didn’t take the pic of poster) Oops..~ But somehow look exactly like the one above la.. hahaha.. =x The nanoha vivio file quite small nor.. think smaller than A4 size ba.. but I’m still alright with it.. since gt fate-chan inside ma.. hahhaha…! Red heart

Nanoha Vivio File (Back view)

* Look very sexy hor?! XD (Think if guys see le, cfm nose bleed ba) =p


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