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Gmarket Loots <3!

Yea.. today wake up super early nor.. ard 9am ba.. den jiu makan my breakfast & wait for Mr Postman.. hahhaha~ Hmmm.. ard 10.30am she jiu came knocking my door.. yea.. soo happy.. ^^ Received a quite big parcel from my Gmarket loots nor..~ ^-^ All I can said is nah… KOREAN SELLERS VERY GENEROUS WITH FREEBIES!! XD

My Gmarket Loots <3 (Overall View)
* Oops.. forgotten the monkey socks.. but heck la~ =p
My Laneige Loots from Gmarket <3<3!!

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack 80ml (Price in Won: 16,100) [SGD: $19.41]
2. Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel 150ml (Price in Won: 17,890) [SGD: $21.56]
3. The Ylang’ Gallery Charcoal Moisture Essence Mask Sheet x 2 (Freebies)
4. Skin Shower Ph 8.8 with Bamboo Extracts x 3 (Freebies) [Think is under Somang Cosmetics ba, but I not sure is for body cleansing or face sia.. since the wordings all in korean..! -__-“]

All over here is my brother’s de..~ Madness loots!

1. Le Coq Sportif Watch (Price in Won: 46,000)
2. Banc Watch (Price in Won: 19,800)
3. Unknown Brand Watch (Price in Won: 36,200)
4. Monkey Socks (Freebie, but dunno from which seller) LOL~
** Didn’t convert to SGD, cause the total price is INSANE! Total roughly about $100++ nor..~ =x

My brother’s madness loots! (Inner view)

End~ ^-^v


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