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Etude House Event @ PS

Went to Plaza Singapura on sat with pei si aka ps nor.. hmmm.. reach there about 3.30pm like that.. WA LAO DE… soooo crowded sia.. =.=" den we went into the mall.. more crowded.. huge crowd gather here & there.. den all looking down.. at 1st we wanna go B1(cause the outlet is at B1 ma).. but leh.. its sooo crowded.. so we waited for awhile.. den after that saw lots of gals chiong down via the going up travalator.. OMG! But den awhile later the security guard stop the travalator nor.. think they scare wait later got ppl fall down jiu jia lat.. hahaha~ So we also went down via travalator.. ^^ KAOZ! B1 more crowded.. we stuck at 1 corner.. den more ppl coming over also.. I tio push by ppl few times sia.. nb de! Hmm~ waited for about 15mins or wad den the guards told us event canceled.. lol.. still got ppl don believe sia.. keep on waiting over there.. den we went back to level 2.. rot there for awhile.. cause we wanna see izzit event really canceled bo.. hahha.. den jiu got announcement  saying event will be canceled due to security reasons, but they will be giving out something outside Starbucks.. so leh.. next we jiu saw lots & lots of gals chiong there nor.. hahhaa.. got ppl screaming also.. =.=

But we super thirsty liao le.. at first wan go carrefour buy drinks de.. but since we already at level 1 le.. jiu also go check out the freebies event nor.. hahha… saw a super long queue.. den saw the etude house SAs giving file as freebies nor.. but den we too thirsty le.. so went to the mrt there de 7-11 buy drinks first.. den went back to kpo again.. =x Den ps tell me y not go queue also.. since we already here le ma.. hahha.. so we also go queue… the queue quite fast nor.. abt 5mins or wad we jiu got our file le.. hehehhe~ =D Den we kpo again.. got ppls saw they give out pink files.. so chiong to queue up again..~ -.-" But we also end up queuing too..! LOL~ But this time can’t get nor.. cause give finish liao le.. those ppls infront of us de also don’t have.. hahhaha.. nvm la.. I got 1 file already happy liao le.. hehehe.. somemore is the design I liked de.. so ok la.. hahahha… next nah.. we went back shopping again lo.. weather super hot sia.. first go toilet.. den go more than words.. den ps bought a pooh bear key chain.. hahha..~ Quite kawaii nor.. next we went to john little.. end up we bought kose happy bath day hair cologne.. cause also got 20% off discount ma [U.P $15 become $12 nah] & also got a free 30ml mist cologne… hehehe.. den shop finish le.. jiu go orchard.. cause I wanna go kino.. =x But too bad la.. the magazine I wan de.. oos le..>_< Shop for awhile.. den we jiu take 190 back lot1 nor.. go tabao our dinner den went back home le.. ^-^

My loot for the day!

[Left] Kose Happy Bath Day Hair Cologne
[Right] Kose Happy Bath Day Mist Cologne (Free!)

Etude House File (Freebie) Red heart


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