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<3 to buy Cha Pa Lang stuffs! (Updated)

Yesterday leh.. went shopping with pei si aka ps.. 1st leh.. we go Ion Etude House.. den the nice SA give us one O2 white mask sheet each… so gd nah.. hahhaa.. alright den browse ard lo.. den she bought 1 aqua sherbet ice toner($25.90 if I rmb correct ba), 1 face mask sheet($2.50) & 1 hair-curler lo.. total ard $30+ ba.. den just nice got 2 scratch card(Cause spend $15 can get 1 scratch card & can win ticket to the Etude House Party & see Lee Min Ho too!) the cashier also gave her 1 file & 1 packet of happy teatime wet tissue ba… I only like the file..~ =x

Den leh… shop ard.. jiu go to the body shop(Cause I still gt $10 gift voucher left ma, den gonna expired soon liao) so browse here & there.. at 1st plan to get the loofah mitt & the mini FSC hair brush de.. den aft much thinking leh.. jiu end up bought 1 skin sponge & 1 mini FSC hair brush nor(Yea!! Scrub dead skin cell away!) Tongue out Total $13.80.. so I just fork out $3.80 more.. hhehe..~ ^^ Den go watsons..~ nb de.. so many SA intro me stuffs! Damn it.. den nah.. got promotion sia.. $1.95 for 3+1 free packet of wet tissue.. hehehe.. so I end up buying 2 packs & also one 100ml johnson baby bedtime lotion(End up ps also bought the lotion too.. cause I let her test mine.. den she like it liao) Hehe~ All 3 items $1.95 each.. YEA! So happy~ Den shop ard nor.. she bought a ring at 1 shop(4got the name liao) Den we browse Topshop & Dorothy Perkins.. next go Kino~ Wee…~ Rot there 4 awhile..(cause waiting 4 someone lo) -.-" Finally tt zhu ivy lai le.. den she passed me the 2 mandi lulur scrub(heheh.. I ask her help me buy de when she went Batam last week.. but she give it to me FOC(cause she also 4got hw much liao) But agar agar is consider cheap la.. ard $2+ for the 2 mandi lulur scrub.. since our locally shops selling ard $3-$9+ lo..! Xie xie ni Ivy! ^-^

Already 7pm+ so we end up go mos burger makan our dinner without tt zhu ivy la.. cause she meeting her frenz lo.. so fly us AEROPLANE..~ LOL.. den makan time~~ Ard 8pm+ jiu take 190 back hm~~ Open-mouthed

My loots for the day~ Red heart

1. Etude House O2 White Mask Sheet (my free doorgift)
2. The Body Shop Skin Sponge (Yea.. scrub scrub!!)
3. The Body Shop Mini FSC Hair Brush (Old comb spoil le) -_-
4 & 5. Watsons wet tissue lo (total got 8 packets) =p
6. Johnson Baby Bedtime Lotion
7. Summer Ayu Mandi Lulur Scrub (Whitening)
8. Pradasari Mandi Lulur Scrub (Whitening)

** Aiyoo.. haven try the mandi lulur scrub sia.. wait I try le den update my review ba..~ Tata!! ^-^

*[Updated Review]*

Alright.. I just tried the Pradasari Mandi Lulur Scrub.. hmmm~ The smell quite pleasant.. den the texture feel creamy thick, scrub beads feel coarse.. somehow like sugar scrub like tt nor.. but overall I like it la.. since I prefer slightly more coarse scrub ma.. ^^ Hahahaha… Den aft scrub finished liao, wash off…~ Waaa sia… my skin feel so sMoOooThhhh..! Overall highly recommanded! Since the price is cheap & can last for quite long nor.. ^^ but also must depend on how much u use each time la. LOL~ XD [Best is to scrub 2 times per week & must rmb to use body lotion wor!] ^-^v

Pradasari Mandi Lulur Scrub(Inner View)

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Minus the 0.5 off cause, will be gd if the wordings are in english instead. ^-^


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