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Sentosa Costa Sands Resort

03 October 2009 – 04 October 2009

Today leh.. is a special day.. cause ltr I’ll be going to Sentosa to attend Pei Si 21st bday celebration.. ^^ So happy sia, since I super duper long neva go sentosa liao..~ Around 4pm jiu went out take bus nor.. den tk 190 to far east meet Ivy first.. =.= nb de.. she late..~ At first tot I’ll be late.. end up she more late than me lo.. den ard 5pm+ she reach le so we went shoppin in far east 4 awhile.. we browsin slipper lo.. but 2 bad.. gt the design she like de.. but don’t have her size.. so we end up going to wisma.. I wanna go wisma isetan…!!! Cause leh.. gt laneige sales ma.. up to 70% off!!!! Around 6pm reach there lo.. sian….. all those stuffs I wan de.. ALL OOS..!! Only left those cha pa lang samples, 10 for $5 lo.. Damn it..! Angry Just only wanna get those travel size water sleeping pack, strawberry yogurt pack & strawberry yogurt peeling gel.. since each $2 only nor.. haiz..~ Bo bian.. So went browse ard nor.. at 1st wanna get 1 small travel set de.. cost $10 for abt 4-5 samples in a set lo.. but den the nice SA tell me don suit me lo.. cause is anti-aging set.. wait ltr I use le, my skin will buey tahan.. she so nice nah..~ Alright.. so I went out buying NOTHING..! >__< Next up, jiu pei ivy go Ion.. since she haven go there yet.. browse here & there..~ Browse until we X_X… hahahah.. cause we can’t find the damn exit to MRT.. LOL~ Tongue out

Hmmm… ard 6pm+ jiu go bus stop take bus 65 go vivo lo.. reach there abt 7pm ba.. den go find elaine & ming fang nor.. den we go choose bday card 4 ps le (gd job ar ivy, the bday card price so "nice") aft tt jiu go sentosa express take the train lo.. alight at beach station.. jiu go take the tram.. hahahah.. I abit toot toot liao.. so long neva lai le sia…~ Haiyooo…~ Den aft awhile, finally found the place le.. jiu go inside nor.. YEA!! Saw pei si liao.. waa sia.. super crowded nor.. den we go inside the resort.. dump our bags le.. jiu go makan..~ I’m so hungry!! Makan time~~ Open-mouthed

Den ard 9pm++ jiu pei mf,fq & cy to the bus stop wait 4 the shuttle bus..~ Hehe.. also go fetch tt damn zhu cw..~ =x  Alright.. so drama happened during our fetching of cw..~ Next we continue to the way back to the resort..~ Den leh… cw go makan lo.. den me & ivy take drinks le.. jiu saw 1 corner gt seats.. CHIONG AR…!! Finally can relax our legs le.. den we chat & kp.. aft tt become emo.. cause aft so long liao le.. nobody notice we MIA liao.. =.=" Finally elaine notice we MIA.. so she call ivy.. hahhaha.. so funni~ Den aft slacking awhile.. back into our small resort..(Must be wondering Y I say small right? Alright let me explained, cause our resort only gt 1 bedroom size area & 1 toilet.. END) So leh.. we chit chat & watch tv(can watch until our eyes @_@).. also gt kp here & there.. + some whacking of ke lian Ivy..~ Ai ya.. whacking off everyone la.. =x Den they go bath lo..~ Aft tt leh… still have some fighting ard.. den ard 1am+.. we jiu go out.. cause we looking for wine opener..~ Hhahaha..~ Finally spotted 1 small cafe.. den they helped us open tt damn bottle lo.. YEA..! White wine taste kns..~ Eeeww..~ Next we jiu go to the beach..~ YEA.. play around.. den went back our resort 4 some game.. & gt pillow fighting drama also..~ Ard 5am++ iv,elaine alrdy buey tahan le.. so they ZzzZZzz.. cw also lo.. left me & ps emo there.. hahhaha..~ Ard 8am me & ps jiu went out walk walk.. wee~ Saw 1 peacock.. so chio sia..~ Den went back again.. whack those zhus up..! Ard 8am+ jiu check out le.. den take the tram back lo.. reach harbourfront centre den we go breaktalk buy some breads.. den go take taxi~

End of our sentosa trip…~ (I’m alrdy half-dead on sunday morning) #_#

Ard 10am+ jiu reach home le..~ Den I dump my bag le(Sian 1/2, saw the bag dirty le.. clean also no use sia.. still gt some stains >_<) Den jiu go bath..~ ^^ Den surf net & check emails.. Den watch tv for awhile + makan my breads.. ard 1pm+ makan my lunch lo.. den rest for awhile.. jiu go ZzZZzz..~ Ard 5.30pm++ den wake up~ ^-^

Happy 21st Bday PS! (Cw draw de)

Our Bday Gal..~ (With the YUMMY Pooh & Tigger Ice-cream cake!)

Our resort area view~

** More pics at the photo album~


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