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L’officiel September 2009 Issue

Yesterday went out with Pei Si.. hahha.. we went to bugis nor.. den shop around.. I’ve been finding a magazine called, L’officiel September 2009 Issue. Cause leh, the freebie damn good la.. comes with free ED. Pinaud Eyeshadow (worth $75, dunno real anot but who cares?!). Around 3pm++ ba den we went to kino.. I search around & spotted tt magazine!!!! Finally sia.. after searching for so long.. den saw got 3 colours available only nor.. got black,blue & white only.Hehe.. of cause faster go grabbed those 3 colours ma.. cause leh.. got 1 lady standing there also choosing the colour.. end up she grabbed 4 copies.. <_< Den I only grabbed 3 copies nor.. den the shelves end up EMPTY..!! LOL..~ Den so happy sia.. go cashier pay money.. heheh..~ Next leh.. we continue browse around lo.. think around 4pm+ or near 5pm ba.. den we went back kino again.. cause wanna check the staff got restock anot ma.. O.O"!! they gt restock sia..  but leh.. only got 3 copies left when I reach there nor.. got 2 blue & 1 green..! Yea..! Just nice I don hav green sia.. so I faster grabbed first & browse around kino.. after awhile I went back check again.. OMG..!! The last 2 copies also gone liao..~ X_X SO FAST OOS!! (But during tt time leh, I keep thinking whether wanna get anot so stuck at kino till 6pm ba) Finally make up my damn brain, so end up buy again..~ Den I ask the staff still got stocks left anot, den she told me only gt about 20 copies today lo.. >_< Sian sian sian..~ Den she asked me which colour I don’t have, den I told her rosy brown lo.. next she told me tt colour hard to get sia..!! T___T Haiz..~ so end up abit emo.. den we went food court & makan our dinner lo.. after tt go buy sum korean snacks jiu take mrt back cck..

Reach cck den we browse around, I still haven give up.. so went lot1 find the magazine.. end up also don’t have… >__< Nb nb…! Arghhh…~

My loot of the day..! Open-mouthed
L’officiel September 2009 Issue (Price: $5.90)

Close up view

Close up view of the eyeshadow pic

My freebies.~~ Got 4 colours..~ ^^

Close up view
Left: ED. Pinaud Eyeshadow (Emerald Green)
Right: ED. Pinaud Eyeshadow ( Midnight Blue)

Close up view
Left: ED. Pinaud Eyeshadow (Frosted White)
Right: ED. Pinaud Eyeshadow (Gilded Black)

Close up view
Back cover of the eyeshadow.. comes with 2 mini eyeshadow brushs & mirror

Rating: 5/5! (Super worth buying!)
* My favourite colour will be.. frosted white & midnight blue. ^^ Gonna continue searching for my missing eyeshadow..! >__<


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