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Past few days kena food poisoning.. so no time lai blog.. now recovering le.. time for some updates!! ^-^

Alright.. time to blog liao.. ytd went out with my frenz aka swee yin.. hahha.. my pri sch frenz till now.. seem veri veri veri long le.. =p first leh we take mrt frm cck-bugis nor.. hmmm.. reach there about 3pm+ near 4pm ba… den first went to find Cozycot office.. cause I recently just register as their cotter aka member.. ^^ den also use my 800 points redeem some samples nor.. spend 220 points redeem 8 samples!! YEA! Hahaha… at first went wrong building.. den we browse ard & finally found dao le.. XD Reach the office.. OMG!! Seem so dark & also no ppl de??!! So scary ar… but den.. at least their door outside gt put press doorbell for assistance.. phew~ So I go press nor.. hehe.. den went in & finally gt ppl came out le.. den I give her my printed email den she went in take my samples.. heheh… wait about 5mins ba.. den she came back le.. pass me my samples nor.. we chatted for awhile den we go le…

Here’s my samples.. ^-^

Front view~

1. Etude House Moistfull Toner 5ml
2. Etude House Moistfull Lotion 5ml
3. Etude House Perfect Proof Sun Guard SPF50PA+++ 1.5ml

4. Ginvera Real Spa Relaxing
Lavender Shower Scrub + Real Spa Firming & Moisturizing Shower
Cream + Real S Whitening Apricot Shower Scrub
(2ml each)
5. Johnson & Johnson 24Hour Long Lasting Moisture Body Lotion 25ml
6. Kose Mask White 10ml
7. Vichy Normaderm Night Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care 5ml
8. Radox Smoothie Body Wash- Soul Soother 10ml

Inner view

My Reviews:

Radox Smoothie Body Wash- Soul Soother: Not bad.. smell like cranberry smoothie.. rating: 4.5/5 stars!
Etude House Toner: Just started using, so far no pimple breakouts.. will contine monitor & update. ^^

Alright back to my shopping trip.. hehhe.. den we went shopping around bugis village nor.. buy drinks!! Damn thirsty sia.. @_@ den shop here & there.. went to bugis junction shop also.. buy some snacks.. hungry sia.. den continue our shopping again..~ Den feel sian le.. jiu change to go orchard.. XD First leh.. pop to far east.. buy XXXL crispy chicken..!! Damn long time din eat le.. den we share tgt.. ^^ But leh.. the uncle put too much chili powder so we end up go guardian buy drinks.. T_T Munch munch crispy chicken back…~~  Next browse around lo.. kaoz.. saw gt small food fair… *eyes blink blink* den we went to check it out..~~ I bought cup corn den my frenz bought sum nonya kueh.. shop around again!! Den go taka,wisma.. last place at cine.. makan our dinner..~ Den ard 10pm go take bus go back home~


Cup corn for the day!! <3


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