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Finally a NEW PHONE..! XD

22 August 2009

Today is a super special day for me.. cause finally I gotten change my bloody hp le.. been using nokia 6280 for 3yrs+ le ba… the battery alrdy CMI liao.. hahahha… =x

Alright.. ard 4pm went out with my mama & brother nor.. reach IMM around 5pm ba.. den we went to M1 shop.. ^^ Heng.. not crowded today sia.. phew..~ Enquiry at the counter hao le den wait for my quene no: 3042 nor.. think wait abt 3-5 ppls jiu my turn le.. quite fast nah.. only waited abt 10-15mins+ jiu my turn.. so happy.. ^^ Choose Sony Ericcson C905, cause of the cybershot spec & 8.1 megapixel!! Hmm.. paid about $198 for the phone nor.. usual price is $298 [2yrs contract].. but since I got the $100 voucher.. so can discount it off… wahahha…~ XD  YEA…! So happy..~ After that leh, jiu shop around nor.. bought some stuffs from giant den wait for my papa to fetch us go makan dinner..~ ^_^v

Reach home abt 8pm+ nor.. den my papa open the letterbox den pass me my parcel.. hehhee.. my drugstore loots..!! =x Been busy trying out my new phone… think to use to nokia le.. change to SE.. feel abit weird weird de lo.. hahha..~

My drugstore loot..~ [ Taken with SE C905.. look more clear & sharp rite? XD ]
1. Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Lotion 250ml (USD 5.99)
Review: Smell not bad, the lotion absorb super fast sia..! Sink into my skin within 5mins or less sia..!! Super stun..! *_*
2. Natural Ice Cherry Lip Balm with SPF 15 (USD 1.59)
Review: A… haven try yet.. lol..~

Jap Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Dye [Marshmallow Brown]
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Saw on spree nor.. find it quite special.. so I go tempt my brother to buy also.. hahah.. end up he really buy.. 1 for me, 1 for him.. yea..! Not need spend money.. =x But too bad la, now watsons import in le.. cost $19.90 only!! But the brand name change to Kao Lises Bubble Hair Dye nor.. the whole box is in english not japanese.. hahha.. but also NB de.. import too late liao.. make me spend $24.50 per box in spree.. =.=" 

Review: The hair dye instruction quite simple to understand, just mix bottle 1 into bottle 2. Den gently shake bottle 2 nor.. jiu can use le.. the chemcial smell quite strong lo.. so abit not like. But at least the colour come out quite nice.. ^^

Mos Burger Milk Tea
Special rite in glass cup.. XD


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