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Ion Orchard

12 August 2009

Meet up my frenz today.. plan to go orchard area nor.. hmmm.. ard 2pm++ den take bus 190 go orchard.. hahha.. reach there abt 3pm+ ba.. den we first go Ion..! Woot… super big shopping mall wor, with lots of branded shop but don suit us la.. hahhaha.. so she say go basement first.. cause gt lots of junk food stalls ma.. hahhaha… =x Browse here & there, den I spotted Guardian.. seem quite special.. so go in browse lo.. saw gt sum jap imported stuff..  [e.g dove 2-in-1 make-up remover + cleanser, dove cleanser milk etc lo..~ ] Price also veri nice wor.. ard $17++ if I rmb correctly ba..! =p Next leh, stomach abit hungry, so time for sum junk foods!! Bought taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake) the taiyaki veri special nor.. gt a few different filling.. so end up I choose the more normal filling de.. bacon with eggs..! LOL..~ Cost $2 for bacon with eggs taiyaki.. taste not bad.. crunchy crunchy de nor.. Yummy..! XD Den saw gt a super lonnnggg queue for the takoyaki stall..(alrdy tried before le.. taste not bad, quite special from our local takoyaki stall nor.. but den inside gt GINGER!! I hate ginger..~) So minus marks off…~ =x Alright.. next continue to browse ard.. saw body shop.. so go in look see look see~ Saw the new white musk midnight iris products range.. the EDT smell alright.. den the body lotion smell not bad & also gt shimmer effect nah.. at first I dunno de.. den saw my hands become blink blink de~ LOL! Den we tried the another range, buriti baby.. only tried the body lotion.. smell eeewww..~ (Maybe my nose spoil le, cause smell so many items liao le) Tongue out

Next up, jiu browse from level 1-5 lo.. erm… all branded shop lo.. I only wanna check out the sephora only… XD Den my frenz spotted le.. so we go there.. waa sia.. bigger than taka de sephora sia..~ I saw gt burts bee stuffs.. so go try out sum.. hahaha.. alamak..! Heng neva buy from drugstore sia.. cause sum of their stuffs smell eeww..~ Den we tried perfume nor.. hehehe…~ But my hands all gt the burts bee lotion smell.. super buay tahan.. so go toilet.. O.O" The toilet super chio sia… Hmmm.. aft tt we browse ard le jiu go taka.. first go kino. wanna find comptiq august 2009 issue still gt stock anot.. den I saw it le.. but the freebie nt so gd leh.. just a normal lucky star pencil case only..~ So I rather save the $24+ wait for megami september 2009 issue…! Den spotted another funni book.. the cover super cute & funni also.. so I go snap a pic of tt bk.. XD Aft that leh, went to watsons.. stuck at watsons for quite awhile.. heheh.. I bought Eversoft Avocado facial foam, dove hair fall therapy treatment 50ml & also apply for the watsons membership card.. ^^ total dmg ard $10.40[ $4.10 for facial foam, $1.95 for dove treatment, $5 for watsons lifetime membership fee] Next jiu go Heeren… browse ard.. den ard 8pm+ jiu go cine for our dinner..~ Makan burger king cause I got coupons ma.. XD Can save money..~ End..! ^^

Cute rite? XD Spotted at kino de.. =p

13 August 2009

YEA!! So happy.. finally received my free Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Program Kit aft waiting for abt 2 weeks nor.. ^^ At first tot alrdy OOS le or lost mail nor.. hahhaa.. so happy sia! =D

My free Sunsilk kit! ^^

Inner kit~

Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Program Kit include:
1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Intensive Treatment
4. Control Leave-on

Haven try sia.. think when I free le den try ba.. since I now gt so many diff shampoo/conditioner need to use finish first..  T__T


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