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Drugstore Loot!

Yea..!! Finally received my drugstore.com spree loot on 9 July. I bought de is 120 tablets, cause gt bonus 30 free tablets ma.. ^^ Sunkist chewable vitamin c got 2 same type. 1 is 90 tablets de, another is 120 tablets.. but both same price nah.. US$6.99. Of cause, will choose the 120 tablets de ma.. since gt free 30 tablets more!! YEA!

My Sunkist loot!!
Price: US$6.99

15 July 2009

Meet my frenz go out… meet her at clementi mrt.. hmm.. think I ard 1pm+ reach jiu reach there le, den we tgt go tampines 1.. wee!! SUPER long journey…~~ 1hr++!! Reach there, abt 3pm? Think so la.. den we shop ard lo.. erm.. actually nth much to shop lo.. den we go cold storage.. cos abit hungry le.. hehe.. den we bought sushi & sum drinks..!! I’m hook to baby octopus sushi!!!! So yummy..~~~ Alright rest hao le, next we browse ard again…~ Hmm.. ard 4pm++ jiu leave the area le.. [ since nth 2 shop also, I only like 1 shop call ‘MCKY”] LOL!!

Next went 2 orchard..!! First, went to wisma to shop ard.. Hmm.. tt time I saw MNG, got 1 formal pant cost $19. So went to MNG check, whether still got anot..~ T_T Don hav le nah.. sian..~ So go to dorothy perkins lo.. keke.. browse ard again.. gt few pants lo.. but the price vvv exp leh.. $43-$49.. nb!! So went out again.. den I discuss with my frenz.. since I got $10 voucher need 2 use.. sum more gonna expired in 3 days time..~ So went back dorothy again.. hahah.. I browsin halfway, my frenz bring me 1 black formal pant.. den she told me only $19!!! (U.P $49) Sum more the size suit me also & gt pocket at the side.. which I like de.. YEA..!! Went back to the area she spotted de.. 2 bad only leave abt 2-3 pants ba.. but only super small size left nor..~ Tried the pant hao le nah, jiu go browse the belt area.. wee..! End up bought tt pant & 1 belt.. the belt cost $19, but use the $10 voucher & membership 10% discount.. become $7.10.. LOL!! Total dmg, $26.10 for both items..!! So happy…!! [Got 1 cheap pant, thanks to my frenz!] =D

Next leh.. we go isetan scotts.. O.O” Omg.. got foodfair wor..~~ wahahhaha.. sampled sum food nor.. den bought 2 baby octopus sushi..!! Can’t resist the temptation again~~ Arghhh…!! =x Next.. we go taka.. hahahha.. shop ard.. den saw got foodfair.. O.O”” nb.. so many foodfair..~ But heck la.. we still go browse again.. hahaha…~ Den I saw got popcorn stall wor, but the brand name v familiar sia.. Cornery..~ Saw at spree b4, but neva buy.. The promoter v nice, give us sum samples to try.. butterscotch,chocolate,caramel, green apple ba..~ So far I like butterscotch de.. so end up bought 1 back hm..~ Cost $2.90. But something funni happened when I paying.. give the cashier $5.. den suddenly he ask me got 20cents anot? Huh? Orh..! So dig 20cents give him.. Think he blur le also.. hahaha.. den ltr he tell me pai seh leh.. hahah.. he tot the popcorn $2.20.. hahaha.. nvm la.. small mistake only.. LOL!! =x Aft tt leh, quite tired le.. so end up makan at mac.. den we go hm le nor.. hahhaa..~ [ I lazy type le~ =p]

Cornery Butterscotch Popcorn~~ =D


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