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Dumb day~ (Updated)

02 July 2009

Today leh.. wake up ard 12pm+.. den go makan my lunch lo.. den ard 2pm jiu go bath.. cos later gonna meet my frenz.. ^^ Hmm.. ard 3pm++ reach lot1 nor.. while waiting 4 my frenz.. I tio stun by sum1.. lol.. cw lo.. =.=” suddenly her face pop out in front of me.. damn scary..~ =x Den we chat awhile.. aft tt my frenz jiu lai le.. hahahha… so me & my frenz jiu tk mrt go people park complex…. Keke..~ Wanna get my loots ma.. whahahah…

Reach there ard 4pm++ den we went to the 2nd floor.. see whether Swatson gt open anot.. Weee.. finally saw them open.. but abit weird leh.. cos their gate only open halfway… so we walk pass there kpo.. lol.. =___=” Only saw boxes of thing.. majiam like warehouse lo.. weird sia.. den we wondering.. cant b ma.. den we check out their advertising board near the area… =.=” Yea.. went to wrong unit no.. to think I came here few times le.. shd b more than 3 times liao.. but I didnt notice the Swatson shop we always see de.. is actually their warehouse.. not the actual shop.. ALAMAK..!! SUPER SOTONG…!!! -_______________-” Alright.. learn my mistake le.. den we go to the shop check it out..~ Woot.. crowded with ppl wor.. gt alot of stuffs also… hmmm.. sum items r more cheaper compare to ocean/ley wah lo.. but den ar.. I find tt their shop, sum of the items didnt tidy & clean de.. wa bian de.. gt 1 shampoo I take out hor.. whole bottle super dusty sia.. *faint* I rather go ocean/ley wah lo.. XD So aft we browse finish & comparing price le.. we went to ley wah… den I bought my VS premium diamond shine shampoo set.. weee…~ So happy sia.. for $20 u can get 500ml shampoo & conditioner + treatment.. great buy nah!! XD Also bought nivea night whitening body lotion & biore nose strip.. keke.. total dmg $32.10.. Den aft tt went to ocean.. got my neutrogena pore refining cleanser..~ Actually wanna get 2 de.. but she stop me.. =x Cos I thinking of stocking up ma.. hahahha… heng she at least stop me lo.. like tt I can save money ma.. den next time use finish den lai here buy again..

Ok.. our next stop is vivo city.. browse here & there lo… den go daiso.. I bought 2 plastic box.. can put lots of rubbish inside ma.. =x Den she bought tidbit.. lol… we rest awhile le.. den shop ard again… too bad quite late le.. cos at first we plan to go bugis aft tt de.. but since I need to get ez-link card holder(cos of my bro!!)from popular.. so bo bian.. cant go bugis..~

Hmm.. reach lot1 ard 9pm++.. haiyo.. reach popular, the gate close le.. but inside still gt ppl paying lo.. den my frenz ask me don care just go in grab my stuff & pay..!! Yea..~ indeed we heck care.. go in.. grab & pay… =x Den go makan kfc.. jiu go hm le nor.. =D

My loot of the day!!
Vidal Sassoon Premium Diamond Shine Set

Review: Today just started the shampoo.. waa sia..!! The smell is heavenly..!! Lather well with lots of bubbles.. hand wont feel sticky sticky when u wash off the shampoo.. hair feel super soft & feel weightless.. yea!! Will keep using for abt 1 week+.. wanna see gt any more effect ma.. wahhahaha.. =D Will update again~

**Updated review: Used for 1 weeks + le… 1 word to describe, EXCELLENT…!!! Smell nice, my hair feel so soft & shiny.. hair tangle free after using & lasted for a whole day..! Den next day wake up, hair still soft soft de, comb hair also no tangle..!! No frizzy hair also… YEA..!! 100% CONFIRM WILL BUY AGAIN..!! Open-mouthed

Click here to view the VS Premium demo intro in 女人我最大 show.

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