2 in 1

Ok.. past few weeks super lazy to update my blog.. =x So back here to update again… ^^

5 June 2009

Today is a super special & happy day for my bro nor. Cos he gonna ORD today le or mayb in few hrs ltr…!! Finally 2 yrs jiu like tt over liao le. LOL! Hmmm.. he plan to treat us pizza.. so ard late evening we jiu go out for dinner nor. Reach Sunset Way ard 7pm ba if I rmb correct… den jiu go Rocky’s Pizza makan..~~ Weee….~~ We order quite abit nor.. hahhaha.. c below 4 pics~

Beef Meatballs Spaghetti ( Mine~) XD

16" Hawaiian Pizza

Fried Chicken Wings (We order 2 sets, so total gt 16 chicken wings) =p

Overall Rating
Food: 4/5 stars
Price: 3.5/5 stars
Service: 3/5 stars

18 June 2009

Went to L’oreal sales with my frenz nor.. reach Concorde Hotel ard 3pm+ ba.. when we enter the venue.. I abit tio stun sia.. cos abit crowded lo.. =x Den we browse ard.. I saw gt lots of skincare/cosmetics/haircare on sales sia… gt brand like: L’oreal,Maybelline,Garnier,Vichy,La Roche Posay,Redken.. Damn lo… everything damn damn cheap la.. starting price from $5-$100++…!! Last time I bought de L’oreal Dermo-Expertise White Perfect Re-lighting Night Cream for abt $26 & the zooming spot correcter for abt $20+.. now the zooming spot correcter there only sell $8!!!!! Damn tmd de… =.=" Saw the l’oreal body scrub 2 packs for $12(U.P $20) Arghhh…!! My overall dmg $20.. my frenz overall dmg $70(included her bro stuffs too). But I find overall worth buying.. since can help u save alot sia. Don’t buy cfm will regret lo.. hahaha.. tts wad I keep telling my frenz.. XD I think best go is during the last day.. heng we go during the last day sia.. keke!! =D After buying those loots le.. den we shop ard orchard.. go makan dinner.. den jiu go lot1.. shop awhile jiu go hm le..~

Below r my l’oreal sales loots..!!

1. L’oreal Dermo-Expertise White Perfect Re-lighting Set include:
– Night cream
– Free limited edition day cream (travel size)
– Free facial foam (travel size)
Price for the set: $15!!

2. Garnier Dark-eye Correction ($5) for my parents de.. ^^

**Oh man… I love the l’oreal sales sia…!! Will aim for the next l’oreal sales again!! Yea! Open-mouthed


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