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Dooms Day!!

Today really a dooms day sia.. need to close my windows in my room b4 I go out de.. den guess wad I saw?? Saw something been circled in the pic above ma?! Alrite every1.. its not a bird or insect hor..~ ITS A DEAD BABY BAT!!!! =.=" Craps shit sia.. when I saw it.. I really go WTF MAN??!! Still can so clearly saw it damn sharp teeths sia.. OMGNESS SHIT OF THE DAY!! -______________________-" **(Tt poor baby bat kana swept off by my papa liao le) 

After tt leh, jiu go meet my frenz.. den we go orchard.. window shopping time..~~ Wahahha… here shop there shop..~ Anywhere also shop.. =x Hmmm… ard 7pm+ we jiu go tk mrt go marina sq… wee..~ shop ard again!! XD Den aft tt leh.. jiu go mac makan our dinner nor.. eewww..~ The green coca cola glass cup look like SHIT! So transparent lo.. =__=" I wan purple de.. damn it..!! Will wait 4 purple de.. ^^ Ok.. den aft tt shop awhile again.. den she sent me to mrt.. cos later on she meeting wit her frenzs nor.. but just nice walk pass body shop again.. hmmm..~~ aft a SUPER LONG CONSIDERING.. I finally get the white musk EDT 60ml, keke..!! Cos gt sales ma.. wahhaha.. from $34.90 become $22.90..~ But I used $20 gift voucher… so only need pay $2.90.. wahhaha.. =x Overall, gd buy nah!! Since I gt test test the EDT when I reached hm.. smell nt bad.. =D Guess I’ll wait 4 the another body shop sales again.. den get sumthin again wit the $10 gift voucher left.. *evil smile* Hmmm.. ard 10.10pm tk mrt.. den ard 10++pm reach cck le nor.. I ard 10.50pm jiu reach hm le..~ Weee…~ ^-^v

Here a simple Coca Cola quiz.
To find out which colour will suit your personality, just click here. ^-^

My result is: Green the Workhouse
Green Cup Personality:
Strengths: Focus, hard working, dogged determination
Weakness: Can sometimes be slow to adapt to new ways, resistant to change.
Color Compatibility: ‘Green the Workhouse’ is a good friends with Blue who is loyal & reliable friend as Green is himself/herself. Green also get along with Purple who shares his/her lack of creativity & Pink who somehow knows how to make him/her a better person. It’s rare that Green becomes best friend with Charcoal & Lime, as Green find Charcoal boring & lazy at times & think Lime often take advantage of his/her natural  charisma to what he/she wants, rather than through hard work.


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