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Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May 2009

Hooray…!!! Another special day again… always aft my bday jiu shi vesak day den next is mother’s day… -________-" Hmm.. the whole day I feel damn SLEEPY..~~ [-_-]zzzzzzzz…!!! So ard noon time I nap 4 awhile.. mayb for just 20mins nor.. XD Den aft tt go bath… chill awhile le.. jiu go lot1.. cos having dinner at Ajisen ma.. ^^ Reach there.. saw long queue.. =_=" Heng wait abt 10-15mins jiu our turn le.. hehehe…. den order our food nor.. ramen ramen..~~ Damn long didnt eat le sia.. hmmm… ard 8pm++ jiu makan finish.. den my bro go pay bill.. woot.. total dmg ard $85.. =x But with UOB cc discount ard $74++.. oh lala…~ Next up… den go watson.. cos I wanna buy body lotion ma.. compare here & there.. finally bought Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion.. 10 fl oz ard $7 nor.. dunno my skin like anot la.. ltr wanna slp le den apply.. (I read gd review for tt body lotion, so got tt nor.. ) XD Den aft tt we shop awhile le jiu go back hm..~

Baby Octopus (Look so scary, so I didn’t eat)

Chicken Wing

Fried Cuttefish

Fried Prawns

Nan-Kotsu Ramen (My papa de)

Scallops Ramen (My mama de)

Ton Toro Ramen (Me & my bro makan the same)

White Fish

Silver Fish (Nice!)

Ramen for the day..!! ^_^v

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