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21st Celebration! ^_^v

Hooray…~ My family came back hm ard 5pm+ ba.. den my papa pass me my mail.. O.O" I guess shd b my tigger ba.. frm strapya world spree de.. XD The tigger super KAWAII.. Open-mouthed (Tigger pic below~)

Den ard 6pm++ went out for dinner at 新旺 Hong Kong Cafe inside Anchorpoint Shopping Mall.. hmm… think reach there ard 7pm+.. order quite alot of foods.. yea.. damn hungry ma.. Tongue out Den the waitress intro the cafe membership card 2 us lo.. blah awhile.. den ask gt any1 celebrating their bday tis month anot.. my family all point me.. =.=" End up aft tt we sign up for the membership card.. membership fee $30.. but minus the vouchers & etc.. we jus pay $2.60 for it.. so I find it quite worth nor.. gt a few vouchers la.. cant rmb all the details.. ^^ Next we order our food.. *pic will be below.. hahahha… =D Den aft tt we makan hao le.. total dmg for the bill ard $111.. but aft discount & etc ard $98++.. den the waitress giv me 1 bottle red wine..~ For my bday gift.. ^^ Cool nah!! XD

Baked Cheese Pork Chop Rice (My papa de)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (My korkor de)

Fried Beef Hor Fun (Mine!)

Fried Dumpling (Sry for the blur pic)

Fried Seafood Hor Fun (My mama de)

HK Pineapple Bun

HK Butter Thick Toast

Mango Snow Ice

Triple Snow Ice Kachang ( Gt spell wrong anot?)

Red Wine (Foc) XD

Overall Rating for 新旺 Hong Kong Cafe:
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5

Hmm… I suddenly den rmb.. I 4get 2 tk the drinks pic…! *bang walls* -___-"

Next up.. my 21st bday cake~ I don fussy abt cake.. ^^ As long it taste nice!

Ok.. next up leh.. my kawaii tigger~~

Tigger~ Kawaii rite? XD

Tag taken off..~ So now become MINE le..!! =D

Price for the tigger: 819JPY (S$13.19)
Shipment Fee: Free!
Postage: $0.50
Total: $13.69

$_____$ Ang bao for the day!!


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