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Early Birthday Celebration

1 May 09

Went out to celebrate with my sec sch frenzs for my early 21st bday. Den aft tt go marina sq makan yuki yaki buffet.. actually is wanna go watch movie aft the dinner de.. but 2 bad lo no "GOOD SEATS" left.. so end up jus hav the buffet dinner lo.. abt the buffet reivew I only gt 2 words…"NO COMMENT!!" Den abt the DIY ice-cream…. as u noe.. I really gt nth gd 2 say abt it. But IMO overall rating 4 the buffet.. 2/5 stars…~ Total dmg ard $194 like tt ba.. but I pay half.. so agar $70+ ba… since my budget is super tight alrdy(cw u noe la) lol.. =x

Ok.. aft tt leh.. go over to singapore flyers… cw,ps,iv,mf,fq & elaine giv me a surprise nor.. cos I didn’t expect they gt buy cake 4 me.. (TIS THE TRUTH, DON WANNA BELIEVE IT IS UR PROB!) but the weather is FREAKING HOT!! [ I can tahan the weather, but my rashes CANT TAHAN] ** Those who gt rashes or skin allergy de will understand~ Wink ok so sing bday song.. den play game~ loser punishment will be eat leftover cake~ [ Ke lian de fq & iv] aft tt leh… I can feel my rashes bcome worse le.. but bo bian..~ I NEED TO DIAM DIAM~ If nt ppl wil kpkpkp..~ Ok… really no mood to continue the rest….~

So jump back to lot1… me & cw go coffee shop makan supper..~ actually she makan only la.. I wanna makan bead curd but close le.. =.=" den we chat chat awhile.. ard 2am jiu go back hm le lo.. cw win le lo.. tk taxi hm.. =.=" me leh… lol.. I walk back hm.. hahhaa.. agar 25mins reach hm ba.. weather quite windy ma.. XD Den reach hm le.. faster go bath.. den saw my rashes really turn worse…~ HAIZ…~ **Tot geline cant lai.. but I can understand la.. ^^ so don worri.. I wont angry wit u de.. =D

Moody 4 the day..~ =w=

My 21st birthday present:
1. The body shop $30 gift voucher.. frm iv
2. Isetan $30 gift voucher.. frm fq
3. Brown tofu tissue holder.. frm mf
4. The black rabbit usd speaker & the rabbit frame.. frm ps
5. C&K bag.. frm cw & elaine
Others: Special DIY Bday card.. frm cw..

Thx all 4 the presents!

ZzzZzzz [=_=]ZzzZZzzz


One thought on “Early Birthday Celebration

  1. HAHAHAHA! i understand. but then bo bian la. you know i know and everyone knows about it. :)

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