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Shopping time~

April 21

Went shopping wit ps aka pei si 2day nor.. ard 2pm++ reach cck.. den aft tt tk mrt go bugis.. hmm… ard 3pm++ ba jiu reach bugis le.. den we go kknm 1st, cos need go collect my fate testarossa tapestry. Haiyoo.. walk 1 big round findin kknm new outlet.. =.=" den aft tt chit chat wit sharon( boss of kknm) for awhile den jiu cont my shoppin at bugis le nor.. heheh…

Shop here & there awhile.. den ps wanna go toilet.. so while waitin 4 her nah.. I check my hp.. =.=" cw msg me.. quite lame ar.. reply her le.. she straight away bomb my hp.. =___=" den aft tt she wanna meet us nor.. den jus nice ps came out frm toilet.. den ask me who izzit.. lol.. I tel her is lim cui cui.. den she bcome emo le.. wahhahaha… =x hmm.. while waitin 4 cw.. me & ps go shop here & ther.. hahhaha… 4get wad time cw arrive le.. =/ den 1st thin she complain she hungry le.. ( u c tis zhu, always hungry de.. =.=" her pattern always neva change..~~) so we need 2 feed the zhu bloated.. so go food court.. she makan only la.. since we nt so hungry nor.. lol.. makan hao le.. den we go orchard..~~

** Orchard part I gonna skip.. =p

So nw jump to we reach lot1.. [yea.. super big jump] I lazy type la.. =p me & cw pei ps buy her stuffs nor..den aft tt  I hungry le. at 1st wanna makan mos burger la.. but no seat nah.. nb de.. so end up at ljs.. =.="" makan & tok craps..~~ den cw go pet shop buy stuff 4 her hammie.. next is go watson.. I need buy shower foam.. keke… ytd wanna buy the dettol cool shower gel de.. but don hav smaller size bottle de lo.. so nb sia… heng gt it frm watson… jus nice nah.. gt sales.. so 225ml cost only $1.95!!!!! U.P is $3!!! DAMN SHIOK!!! =x Since sg weather so hot, using shower gel wit the cool effect is the BEST!! XD

Reach hm ard 10pm+ ba.. straight away go bath.. (cos I hand itch ma, wanna test my new bought dettol shower gel) WA LAO DE…. the shower gel is more coolin den the dove water lily & mint shower gel nor.. XD Dettol bath le.. feel like freezin…~~~ super shiok.. XD Guess I gonna go tempt my family use tt dettol shower gel…~~ *evil smile*

Ok.. end here le… XD

Fate Testarossa Tapestry hang in my room le. =D


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