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Loots of the day!! YEA!

Weee…..!! Here my another loots.. lol.. Got it frm a tw beauty spree.. wahahha.. =x waited for abt 1mth + ba.. as u noe ma.. tw seller is kinda slow poke.. hahha.. XD

Pic below (left to right):
Shills whitening mud mask & Shills purifying peel-off black mask
(SHILLS 綠哇哇淨白泥漿面膜200ml超值瓶 & SHILLS挽臉活性炭黑面膜 50ml )
Price: 259TWD (U.P. 409TWD) [ SGD$13.77 , U.P. is $17.65]
Shipment fee: $5.35

Actual Products Pic

Hmmm.. haven try yet.. wait I free den try.. yea~~ Open-mouthed


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