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Super duper happy sia..!!! My bro got me a Comiket 74 item.. tt is a MAGICAL GIRL LYRICAL NANOHA STRIKERS T-SHIRT for my super super belated bday nor!!! Hmm.. heard he say he gt it frm a online website & also cost a big bomb also.. =x I always wanted sia.. but den so hard to get it also.. go online website check.. but the price is freakin exp like hell.. no money la..!! nb!! >_< & its like so rare nw sia.. the t-shirt Super super nice sia.. but den ar.. the size super BIG la.. XL leh.. =__=" he tel me the seller only gt xl.. lol.. Hmm.. think I’m just gonna keep it 4 collection wise.. weee..~~~ Open-mouthed
** Dunno y cant upload the pic.. wait ltr den i try again.. weeeee!!!! =D Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS T-shirt: Forward Lightning ^^

Tis is the front view & back view pic.. taken frm nanoha.com keke.. =D



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