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Rainy Day~

2day wake up super early.. ard 9am++.. ^^ makan breakfast, pack my bag.. den go bath.. off I go bugis.. =D Hmm.. ard 12pm++ jiu leave hse.. reach bugis ard 1pm++ ba.. raining like mad sia.. so sian… so while waiting for the rain 2 be xiao abit.. I jiu go shop ard.. keke.. Open-mouthed 1st nah.. go cold storage.. need buy shampoo.. browse awhile le.. den I choose herbal essence shampoo ( the new range de).. bought the rose shampoo & lavendar shampoo.. (lavendar shampoo is 4 my mama de) XD & also my fav biore blackhead black strips.. 
I prefer the biore strips than The Face Shop white mud nose pack.. ^^ review as below:
Biore strips:
1. Easier to use.. jus wet ur nose, den peel off the plastic sheet, paste on ur nose, wait abt 15mins(mostly I wait abt 20-30mins or wad la..), BINGO DONE!!! Blackhead gone.. XD
2. Cheaper also.. tot only gt 10 strips in the box.. I always buy 2 boxes.. =x
The face shop white mud nose pack:
1. Quite difficult & messy to use..
Reason: when I 1st try ar.. I tot shd b like quite watery.. so easier to apply ma.. BUT.. is not sia.. nt so watery.. sumhw seem like glue.. abit sticky sticky lo.. den when dry up le.. I peel off.. NO BLACKHEAD ON THE PACK..?? WTF??  blackhead still stuck on my nose.. =.=" & also quite ma fan to pee off lo… nb de!!  
2. Exp la.. $11++ for jus 50g!!! (when I 1st time go buy ar.. I cant find it sia.. need ask the SA.. den when she show it to me.. I abit stun.. cos duno the tube is so smalllll.. no wonder I cant find it) =_="
Ok.. continue back to my trip 2day.. =p den aft shop finish in cold storage.. me jiu go the cocoa shop… keke..! chocolate chocolate wo lai le..~~ XD browse browse ard.. spotted sumthin special.. Reese’s peanut butter miniatures cup size pack…!!! of cos u noe me la.. mus buy buy buy!!! =x total dmg is $11.55.. hmmm.. cos I gt saw the reese’s miniatures cup size sellin in LJ spree ma.. the seller sell each abt $0.45 if nt wrong nor.. heng I tt time neva buy sia.. phew~~ total gt 40 miniatures cup in the pack for jus $11.55!! worth it man..^^ den aft tt.. c the rain bcome xiao abit le.. jiu faster go sunshine plaza.. =.=" me lazy tk out umbrella..so bo bian.. walk in the rain lo.. =x reach ther ard 2pm+ le ba.. faster go toilet dry up myself.. =_=" bcome wet goose liao.. den jiu go inside the anime shop.. weee.. shana wo lai le.. ^^ so kawaii sia.. den chat chat wit sharon awhile.. jiu go wait 4 my papa 2 fetch me hm.. =p

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.. taste super duper yummyy!!! Pop in ur mouth jiu melt off..~~ DIE DIE MUST TRY!! =X total dmg $11.55.. T__T



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