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Shopping Time

September 5
Wake up ard 12pm++ den go makan my lunch.. den aft tt pack my bag den go bath, den tada out I go.. XD Hmm.. reach Lot 1 ard 2pm+ meet up with ah yin.. den we go velocity.. LOL..! Go there jus wanna buy my SIGG  water bottle.. =x Reach there ard 3pm+ ba.. den shoppin halfway.. her eyes damn sharp la.. I chattin halfway with her, she can spot dao the shop.. =__=” Den go inside browse see gt the design I wan anot.. heheh.. I also eyes sharp.. spot dao the design I wan de.. but still see  gt other nice design ma.. but 2 bad la.. don have.. >.< so I ask the SA gt a new bottle for the design I wan de.. nb.. 2 bad don have le.. sum more my design only left last 1.. keke.. limited stock la.. XD YEA…!! So faster go pay.. =x
Hao le nah.. den we go Square 2.. lots of korean shop.. but we only go to tt grocery korean shop.. keke.. I wonder gt Makgeolli aka Rice wine? (Those who gt watch the k-drama: Fantasy Couple shd noe tis milky rice wine drink tt female actress luv to drink de..) Wee.. browse ard & I finally found it.. $1.40 nah.. keke.. gt big bottle of it also cost ard $6 if I nt wrong la.. den ah yin buy sum tidbit.. XD YEA!! So excited wondering hw the taste will be.. so pop open & drink.. the Makgeolli smell like milk? Taste like milk with rice?? Sweet sweet de.. hahha… overall is nt bad.. if next time gt go there again, I’ll buy the big bottle.. keke.. XD
So off we go shop ard… den go united square.. like shit la.. nth 2 shop.. den poof we go suntec… XD food festival…!! I wonder gt Portuguese Egg Tart ma.. hehhe.. search finish.. nb don have.. wa kaoz.. =_=” overall the food festival.. nth nice to makan.. I didnt buy any food there.. -.-” cos quite common food la.. satay,fried rice,fried noodle,grass jelly etc la.. den aft tt we shop ard jiu go makan dinner.. Open-mouthed
Makan finish le.. den go orchard.. guess is ard 8pm+ when we reach there nor.. den go shaw hse.. abit mouth itch la.. so go Sun Moulin c gt any yummy bread ma.. lol.. den I spotted chocolate coronet.. also gt cream chocolate.. XD Of cos.. I’ll choose the chocolate coronet ma.. keke.. aft tt shop ard awhile den jiu tk bus go back Lot 1.. den tk bus again go hm.. ^^
Makgeolli aka Rice wine below..! ^-^v (Only rmb 2 tk pic when I drink finish le =p)
Chocolate Coronet frm Sun Moulin.. Damm Yummy..!! Gt lots of chocolate cream inside..!!! $1.50.. =w=
End…~~~ =w=

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