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Cosfest VII

Cosfest VII (Day 1, 5 July 2008)
Yea…!!! so jio my buddy pei me go Cosfest ma.. at 1st tio fly aeroplane.. I tot I wont b able to go liao… >.< so nvm lo.. ask another buddy pei me go… ah yin ^^ xie xie ni le…!! lol… hmmm… meet at 12pm at cck mrt there.. reach ther agar 12.10pm ba.. LOL… den tk train go.. is a SUPER BLOODY LONG JOURNEY…..!!! est. 1hr 30mins+++ yawn..~~ hmmm… reach pasir ris abt 1.30pm+++ ba.. den we go buy drinks.. hehe… den came out frm the shop she spotted cosplayers le.. hmmm.. 2 gals wear yukata(duno gt spell correct anot).. another gal leh 4get liao.. XD den go tk bus.. woot…. inside the bus gt more cosplayers… LOL…!!! hmmm.. reach the onion tent( which the event is) ard 1.45pm ba? den we jus follow the big crowd.. hehe.. nice place tot…
Go inside the tent.. waa…. 1st impression… is quite messy + empty…. as I tot will have alot vendors de.. I est. there’s total abt 20 or less vendors only.. if only count those vendors selling the anime stuffs.. est. only abt 10 plus or minus vendors ba.. as there’s sum vendors selling their own print arts/drawing arts/bkmarks & etc..(tot is nice.. but sumhw it doesnt interest me in) so I browse the bk area… quite neat nor.. I thin just packed out frm their box nt long only ba.. so I jus scan scan… don wanna mess up their hard effort..~  hahhaha.. den I spotted lucky star hardcover bk.. in 1 corner la.. whole stack is lucky star de.. den next stop.. is at the tw vendor(the bk area also belong 2 them also)  I saw fate testarossa pillow case selling there.. tot double side design..( I guess the price cfm overpriced de.. end up still go ask hw much..Tongue out) the uncle say is $150..!!!!! freakin overpriced.. material wise… sux…!!  he also add on sayin japan is selling at $600.. =.=" [ wadever tis info is nt impt 2 me tot] Hmmm.. Cospa is selling at SGD$150 also.. sum more leh they’re the real company wor.. den next stop.. we browse the other side of the tent.. which sell all those prints art & etc de.. hmmm.. nth interest me leh… lol.. so end up still go back the bk area… O.O" WTH..!!! just browse other areas awhile only.. den the bk area bcome like… kana dig by alot ppls.. hahhaha… so heck la.. I also dig 4 bao… XD scan super long.. den saw 1 hardcover bk gt fate pic.. so faster chiong grab it.. =/ den aft tt neva c dao the whole stack of lucky star bk liao.. GONE LE…!!! grrr…!!! but nvm lo.. I still cont scanning the area.. den ah yin spotted the lucky star bk… yea…!!! so grab it also… keke… den the uncle came over.. say I li hai.. choose those bks.. he say mine is last piece liao(u noe la.. I wont believe in tis sales tricks de) so heck also…!!! den also 4get withdraw cash… shit..!!! end up ah yin help me chop my bks.. den I go outside find atm…. wan exit also hard.. so many ppls…! =___=" finally find dao the bloody atm.. =w="
walk back 2 the tent.. waaa sia.. gt 1 guy with super big wing… sian.. slow traffic… lol.. finally went in le.. den chop chop go find her.. den go pay money liao.. XD den ard 3.30pm++ we leave the tent liao.. go explore outside..  quite boring.. so end up go white sands shoppin mall… heheh.. she buy shoes.. shop awhile only den aft tt we went back lot1… reach lot1 agar 5pm ba… go makan dinner.. but i only makan abit cos ltr go hm still need makan dinner also… den i go buy my stuffss… den aft tt she go wk.. den i go hm liao.. XD reach hm agar.. 7pm ba…
** overall i thin the event hai hao only.. sumhw disappointed also.. tot wil have alot vendors de.. but end up…….. =.= hope next yr will b better ba.. LOL(dunno will go anot also)
Open-mouthed Uploaded my loots which I’ve bought…total dmg tt day is $50 for the bks!! ^^
Img008—-> Left: Lucky star bk & MOE Beauty bk which gt diff anime characters pics(rite)
Img009—–> inside of the lucky star bk(dvd= full eps of lucky star with chinese subs + op theme & making of lucky star & gt 2 big posters inside which can cut out de..keke.. best loot!!! )
ok end le..signin off…!!! tata.. ^-^v

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