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YeA……! login 2 my msn space 2 check check… lol… they gt improve in their setting & overall sia…~ gd nah…~ finally can make my blog nicer abit.. LOL… =x hmmm…. currently me ar… stil findin job lo… =.=" wad 2 do wor? lol… rottin in progress… =x my bday comin le… sian.. gonna b 1 yr older again…! grrr…!!!! >_< but at least gt sumthin gd is, i hear the figure i pre-order since last yr nov.. gonna lai le.. yea…! finally.. aft so long.. thin can collect ard may end ba.. or june? =x but tt.. price shd b ard 100++ damn! y yen curreny higher than sgd? T_T but nvm la… luv tt figure so much.. so bo bian.. XD ( will post pics, once i gt it.. keke..) hmmm… nth le ba… hope 2 find dao job soon nor.. LOL..! ^-^Open-mouthed


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