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sPrinG cLeaNiN myspace.. XD

wOoooo…… sOoo lonG neva update sia… thin gt 3mth++? hehhehe… me stiL slacKin ard nor.. wiL find job soon.. perhaps wait til i settle the damn poly admission 1st… =x hope can get in nor.. !pray..! XD
ard jaN go cut my hair.. tt stylist suggest i cut bob hair… so nw bcome concave bob hair le… luv the short hair feeliN.. yeA…! shamPoo & conditioner nt need use so much & hair dry more faster compare 2 long hair… yEa..! hmmm.. tot i shocked sUm of my buddies when go out wit them…! keke.. ^^ mus rmb hair wil grow back long again.. sOOo jus cut.. YEA..! =x
tt time watch the ch 8 snacks atk 2 show… they intro carrot cake ep de.. gt 1 shop sell xo sauce carrot cake… seem nt bad.. soOo i jio my best buddy go ther… hehhehe… is at sunshine plaza near bencoolen st…  reach ther.. waa quite crowded.. but heng we manage 2 find dao seats fast… lol… den we order the famous dim sum… erm… duno hw 2 spell tot…(but.. pic is uploaded) XD total spend abt $15… overall can say is nt bad… as the price is reasonable & food quality is gd.. nt stingy.. XD
13 feb 08
2day nah.. my frenz aka cuicui jio me pei her go buy valentine present.. =.=" den we go bugis… hohohohoho…. den i ask her wan go tt dim sum shop ma.. yea..! long time neva eat… miss the dim sum.. XD.. so we order.. the famous siew mai, xo oyster sauce bun & sum famous dim sum(tot i gt eat b4, cos nice ma.. so mus order again) shoik… total spend $18.60.. indeed.. spend more than last time i makan ther… cos order more than previous time… =D
den makan hao le.. we go the chinese temple ther pray nor… so crowded.. =_=" den pray finish jiu go bugis v. shop ard…! lalalalla…. den jiu go junction shop ard… makan dinner… den aft tt jiu go lot1.. sian.. at 1st don wan watch movie de… but den cos cuicui keep ask.. so jus go watch lo… watch kung fu dunk acted by jay chou de nor.. overall i thin ok only sia.. sum part quite lame.. den sum part interestin.. thin giv 6/10 XD watch finish ard 11pm++ den jiu go hm le… my 2pid fossil watch low batt so the time slow abt 1hr… =.=" 2pid watch…. =x hmmm.. thin nth more le..
oFF i go MIA… [^_^]v
Smile wish every1 happy cny & always happy…! Smile
(valentine day nt need wish) =x 


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