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Asian Food Festival

Waaaa sia… super long neva update my blog le… wahahhaha…. =x
18 Nov 07
Me & my family go 2 the asian food festival at the sg expo ther… lol… reach ther ard ??? 4get the time le… but we wasted alot of time at J.E la.. board the train hor, den inside wait & wait.. suddenly the mrt gt light den bo light.. =.=" den ppl say abt the mrt la.. bla bla….~ den aft abt 10mins.. the control station say the train goin 2ward pasir ris de havin prob lo.. so ask all ppl 2 board the another train…. =_=" super suay…! den like tt wait abt few mins leh… we board the train at the middle lane de… wahahhaha… the ppls alight from the middle train de came out hor.. sum gong gong de nor… neva listen 2 the annoucement.. tot the "sot train" can board.. LOL.. so stand ther & wait… but 4 those who noe de leh.. all board the middle train le… yea… off we go 2 exPo….! =D
den reach ther le.. waaa sia.. expo gt change abit sia.. more new shops le.. actually only 2 new shops la.. XD den hor… damn crowded la.. all goin 2 the food festival de.. sian 1/2 lo… so many ppls… grrr…! den leh.. reach hall 5 le.. hmmm… can say tis yr the food festival nt so gd compared 2 last yr lo.. last yr gt more food shop.. tis yr lesser ba… den we tried sum food nor… heheheh.. makan & makan + drink & drink…~~~ den buy sum food back also… yea…~  den aft c finish le.. we jiu go the guardian fair lo… wa lao de…. go in hor… majiam so empty… nth 2 buy la… v borin… lol… thin is ard 7pm le ba.. den we go makan dinner… at the 马兰拉面(malan noodle) restaurant hmmm.. nt bad la..  =x den makan finish le.. jiu on the way tk train lo.. b4 tt leh.. we go the duno simi sales la at foyer 2 lvl 2 de.. wa lao.. nth 2 say lo.. is a super borin sales…! =.=" nth interestin… XD
den off back hm~~~

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