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my personality survey result.. LOL

abc efg, your responses indicate that you are very warm, talkative, and especially willing to listen. When you need to use your persistent persuasiveness in a discussion, you do so in a pleasant manner. You show a concerted effort in making the best of whatever happens. While you are open to people’s influence upon you, you are easily turned off if they wield authority or push regulations with a heavy hand. You prefer not to deal with details.
Communication Style
abc efg, you are an attentive and perceptive listener. You tend to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. When speaking, you avoid conflict by choosing your words carefully. You are especially skillful at maintaining harmony. Your style of persuasion is diplomatic and tactful.
Also, abc efg, you respond to people with flexibility and open-mindedness. You relay a tone that is uninhibited, creative, and, at times, quite independent.
Your style of communication is easy-going and indirect. You express yourself in a calm, caring, and consistent manner.
abc efg, you feel that cooperation and teamwork are very important, and you set clear time frames to complete projects. You plan actions carefully, allow for time considerations, and maintain harmonious relations with colleagues.
You function best when reporting to a strong leader. You are good at prioritizing work, establishing routines, and getting things done on time.
Leadership Style Leadership Style: Mentor
     You perform your leadership role by accepting whatever comes your way, by adjusting to it and then pushing ahead with persistence. You regard timing as very important and this is reflected in your expertise in planning and then in pursuing your goals. You freely delegate both authority and details. You like to develop your people and to encourage teamwork.
You may tend to work more diligently at those tasks that are most interesting to you. You may place more emphasis on satisfying your personal needs than on achieving traditional goals and accomplishments. It is possible that personal anxieties or emotions may have a negative impact on your work. You may prefer to work at your own pace, rather than follow someone else’s fixed schedule.
Motivational Needs
abc efg, you tend to be motivated when your personal efforts contribute to overall organizational goals. You prefer that your organization’s structure be secure and steady. You desire to work in an environment distinguished by teamwork and compatibility. You are most productive in a harmonious, cooperative, and stable work environment. You respond positively when encouraged to use creativity in projects, and when there are no sudden changes in pace or workload.
You can be demotivated if excessive pressure is exerted on you at the last minute. Personality conflicts among co-workers can negatively impact your productivity. You may be less motivated in environments of rapid or sudden change. You can be frustrated by unrealistic expectations, or by frequent interruptions.
Primary Motivators
     1     An environment where there is harmony and cooperation.
     2     A minimum of conflicts and a steady, stable structure.
     3     A pace set for you with no sudden or abrupt changes.
     4     Forewarning of changes so that there is sufficient time to adjust.
     5     Encouragement in regard to creativity.
     6     Knowing how your personal efforts contribute to overall goals.
     7     Validation of self-worth.
Primary Demotivators
     1    Constantly pressured at the last minute.
     2    There are too many personality conflicts.
     3     There are too many sudden changes.
     4     Expectations are too high and/or not clear.
Emotional Intelligence
abc efg, your responses indicate that you tend to understand the emotional makeup of others, and to accurately sense what other people are feeling. In addition, you are able to attune your own style to the emotional reactions of others. Because you find it easy to see the world from another person’s perspective, it is likely that you associate with a diverse group of people.



LOL my name bcome abc,efg … lol.. anyhw put la.. don care… XD


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