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sHoPpIn madnesS

waaa… sOo lonG neVa write blog le… thin abt 2mths le?? =p can c dust sia.. loL… XD…~
2daY ar… wake uP aT 12+pm.. (i’m a pig.. bo bian.. =p) hmmm… den go makan sumthin nor.. den aft tt meet my frenz.. angeline.. aka geliNe.. -_-" super pig head.. caL me say reach le.. den i go 2 the bus-stop.. neva saw her.. -.-" den caL her.. waakaoz…. nt at tis bus stop.. is at another bus stop near my hse de… grrr… den mus walk ther… bcos of 1 frenzshIp band nor.. ask me make 4 her.. =_=" grrr…~ weather soo hot.. deN walk back 2 the bus stoP.. =.="
den haO le naH.. gOo meeT my frenZ.. swee yIn.. aka ah yin.. hhehe.. oops ps sia.. let u rot at lot 1 so loNg… hhahaha.. bo bian ma… =p den haO le nah.. gOo bugis.. shoP ar!!!! reacH ther.. thiN abt 4pM ba??? den jiu go bugis village 1st… buy drinks.. so thirsty.. dyIn sooN.. T_T den haO le.. shOp here & ther… jiu gOo bugis junction… hhahaha… anyhw cross road… XD aft tt.. shop abit.. den saw gt food fair… weeee~.. jus nice.. stomach hungry… hehehhe… maKaN & maKaN… hehhehe… den haPpy le.. jiu go shoPpIn agaIn…
den go newbie shOp.. at 1st wanna buy 1 t-shirt only.. =.=" den the sales gal blah blah & blah… say spend $80 & above can b member… blah the story… =_=" den bo biaN.. jiu buy nor… finally find 4 t-shirt i like de.. T_T spend so much sia.. Nb de… grrrr abt $91+… heart paIn… T_T den write tis & tt.. jiu gOo another shOp le.. hhehehe…. den shop awhile.. jiu go jp aka jurong point.. hhehe… shop shop.. den go jigsaw puzzle world shop.. c the frame hw much.. rofl.. den jiu go mac makan nor… aft tt go back tt puzzle shop again.. buy the frame.. ahbo so big.. mus carry ard.. so xtra.. =x den aft tt go watch movie.. cal "re-cycle" at 9.40pm de.. watch until ard 12am nor.. hmmm.. nt bad la… the movie… den tk cab go hm.. hehhehe…. 
oops… write 2 much le… hhahahhaa…. =x 


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