Home » Ragnarok Online » mY sToRy oF RaGnaRoK onLiNe…~~

mY sToRy oF RaGnaRoK onLiNe…~~

hmmm… play ro sinCe 2003 ard juNe ba… hehhe… deN gt stoP abt 3-6months durIn 2004 neVa plaY.. deN start play agaIn tiL ard 2006 may like tt nor… den siaN liaO le… XD  sOo leH.. maKe a piC of my characters lo… hehehhe… [^_^]v 
1st: Lord Knight- currently lvl 87( if nt wrong.. =P) , job lvl: hmmmm….. 4geT le… lol… =D
2nd: Blacksmith- currently lvl 72(shd b ba…) , job lvl: ?_? 4geT le…
3rd: Assassin-currently lvl 86 ( tis cfm correct!!!) , job lvl: 50 (cfm correct!!!)
4th: Monk-currently lvl 72 ( shd b la) , job lvl: 2 loNg liaO le.. sOO 4get.. =Pp ***(del le) 
v[^_^]v end of my Ragnarok online le ba…..

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