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neW updaTe

lol.. sOo long neVa update my bloG le.. goNna haV dusT.. =Pp hmmm… scH life… kns nor… those subjects la.. c&ie 2 chiaM le.. cant undeRstanD.. deN naH.. mcT more jia laT super duper chiaM.. cos the sucker mr koH neVa explaIn super clear 2 us de.. juS teL us dO & do & do.. like shit… >_< grrr..~ veri siaN naH daMn the scH life..
hmmm… cca nah… my archery nth mucH nor.. ^^ aLL friendly ppls de.. i like.. ^_^v but… chairmaN.. omG.. duNo fly wher le.. better doN cUm back… hehhehe… =x
currently nw… if nt tired naH.. jiU plaY my maPle nor… yea…~ or gO poKe my longmaO.. hehhee… kawaII longmaO.. wahhahahhaa….
in maPle naH… gt 40% idiotic morOns nor… wad 2 dO? lol~ thiN theY 2 childish le ba… hmmm.. deN in mY clas… stiL ok ok la.. besT naH.. throw the mr koH awaY… & the pe cher alsO… wahahahaha…. & suM morOns in the clas alsO throw.. jiu veri besT le… hehehe…  
hmmm… nth mucH le.. tiL free le.. cuM bacK updaTe nor.. siaN siaN siaN…
aIm 4 VicToRy..!!!

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