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sUx sia… >.<"

2daY leH… siaN sia… durIn breaK tiMe.. kaNa caught by 1 idioT cher.. wiT my freNz nor.. walaO.. jus neVa weaR the taG only ma.. like tt waNNa tk dowN my naMe.. kns de.. tK wadever he waN ba.. suX cher…!!! deN leH… dismiSS le.. gOo tk traIn lo.. hahhah… inside the traIn gt 1 indiaN biaN taI sia.. keeP stariN aT my freNz & us lo… poKe his eyes maN..!!! buT inside the traIn quiTe fuNni lo.. coS gt sumthiN hapPeN.. loL… deN reacH loT1 le..gOo LJS(loNG joHn silveR..) buY my luncH… daMN siaN sia… deN leH… gO nTUc buY suM stuFF nor.. >.<
daMn tired… mus cleaN my xiaOmaO caGe.. >.< deN dO hmwK…
saYonaRa bloG….~


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