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a resT daY finaLLy..~

finaLLy caN slP untiL so laTe le.. hahhaha.. 2daY slP untiL 1pm sia.. daMn tired leH.. ytd nite 2++aM deN slp leh… >.< hahhaah.. waKe uP le.. gOo maKan my luncH lo.. deN leh.. gOo cleaN my longmaO cage lo.. hehehe.. xIaOmaO so cuTe sia… =) hahah.. deN leH.. resT awhile gOo do my maths hmwK liaO lo.. x_X do untiL eyes croSs… gt sum qns dunnO hw 2 dO naH… hecK caRe liaO lo.. moN deN go asK my freNzs… =p


hmmm…….. nth 2 bloG liaO lo.. nwadaY the weaTher nt sOo gd sia.. sumtime hot deN sumtime cold de…  stupid weather…!!! sOo aloT of ppl sicK sia… sOO leH… aLL my freNzs… rmB 2 tk caRe of urselF wor…  drinK more waTer….~ tata…


siGnIN oFF…



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