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nice daY naH…~~

2daY leH.. raInin sia.. make me waNNa [=_=]ZzzzZz oFF….~~ ahhahah… go lessOn laTe agaIN nor.. 2daY tt si mr liM.. toK & tok again.. daMn sia….~~ craP maN…. deN gOnna dismiss lessOn saY those i caL de names staY bacK…~~ cNN de.. i alsO kana.. late ma.. shiT… late 5mins also bu shuang….~~ deN lisTen 2 him toK craP lo.. saY i don like ppl 2 b laTe.. those shiT agaIN….. ~~ deN we nt haPpy alsO shooT him bacK..!!! **shooT untiL he maTi…~ =Pp sOo manY ppl alsO kana.. thiN he bu shuang us ba… T_T confirM aloT of ppl die de lo.. whO canT b laTe ma..?? lasT time we alsO like tt.. bo cher kpkb us.. onLy u kp us..  troL whOle daY theory.. caN die ar… 1sT lessOn sum more his lessOn.. si liaO lo… >.<" si mr liM..  u noe u quite powefuL in sumthin.. tt is ur tokIN skiLL… like tokIn curse like tt.. toK untiL ppl all caN fainT….~~~

**mr taN y u leaVe us alOne.. gO teacH higher nitec liaO… walaO de…~~ >.<"


2daY gOo inside claS abiT shocK.. cos our neighbour claS is class B de naH… wee wee~~ =p aFT awhile saw sum1 inside, he saw me, i saw him.. deN 2gther shocK lo.. hahaahah… erm… deN naH… quiTe sum time saw him nor.. cos his view jus nice my side ma.. hehehe…. duNNo whO he looKin at alsO.. >.< hahaha… buT naH… deN gt 1 time my freNz ka jiaO me.. deN he saw it.. sumhw like bu shuang like tt…. hehehehhe…. =Pp deN claS dismiss le.. i waiTin 4 lift ma.. wit my freNzs.. deN saw him agaiN.. he like reallY bu shuang rather tk stairs.. don tk lift wit us.. ok lo.. suiT him tk waDever he like.. =p sOo sonG sia… reaLLy gt faTe naH.. 4hrs time lessOn nah….!!! haiz… 2 baD….~~~ T_T **y mus leT me c u agaiN…~~ >.<"

end liaO ba.. hehhe…




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