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sOo tireD.. x_X

2daY leH.. reacH scH liaO , haVen c my freNz sOo waiT 4 her nor.. hahaha… deN leH.. saw her le.. bluR*2 de duNno gOo wher.. deN decideD 2 gOo 3rd flooR nor.. deN saw the notIce board lo.. saw our timetaBle…~~ c the 1sT cher…. craP maN.. mR liM.. shocK sia.. duNno whO laI de.. + duNNo gd anoT.. deN sum more laTe liaO sia.. ard 8.18am.. =p deN gOo finD claSs.. saw the cheR frM ouTside.. seeM firece naH… T_T.. deN quicKly go insIde siT dowN nor… hahha… deN 5miNs lateR naH.. anothER freNz cuM le.. 1 grouP sia.. like tt cuM in…~~ lOL.. deN cher scold*2 nor… saY doN b laTe 4 my lessOn i teL u la..!! walaO.. we 1sT time c u leH.. u wheR gt teL us ma.. toot cher de.. majiaM u iN my dreaM teL me like tt… *lame sia.. -_-"

hhaahah… deN leH.. listeN 2 hIm toK craP nor.. deN gO tk my result… aiyO result nt so gd.. don haV 2 c le..~ >.<" deN tk timetaBle.. c the timetaBle SHOCk sia…!!! moN whOle daY c hiM……………… -.-" argHhh!!! buT leH.. stiL hai haO la.. moN 3pm dismiss lessON.. tuE , thuR & frI besT le……..!!! yea maN.. dismiSS aT 12pm sia… sonG naH… =D buT ….. weD liKe heLL sia….. 5pm deN dismiss… caN *fainT* ….~ T_T ok deN leH.. discuSS timetabLe finisH le.. cher toK craP agaIn nor.. saY hoPe tt we caN b the besT class…~~ ya.. "besT" deN gt…! =p deN saY hoPe tis claS doN haV ah benG & ah liaN.. hhahaha… deN leH.. my freNz saY i ah liaN.. lame sia.. duNNo his mentaL gt probleM anot.. saY i ah liaN.. daMn lame… >.<"

ya.. deN finaLLy giv us sumthiN 2 dO lo.. dO finisH la.. finaLLy go breaK…!! yea.. reacH caFe c the ppl…. sOOoo "crowded" wor……~~~ heNG we find a plaCe naH.. deN makan finisH le.. gOo nexT lessON nor.. c his faCe agaiN.. siaN.. sum more he laTe…~~ cNN de..~ >.< tot he quiTE gd.. 30% gd.. =p hahhaahha….. deN leH… toK tok toK…..~~ non stoP.. 2hrs sia.. toK untiL i sumhw doze off sia… deN my frenz caL me.. scaRe me sia.. >.<" heheh… deN leH.. finaLLy dismiss us le.. deN go hm lo… weatheR so hoT sia.. gOnna melt liaO…~~~~

sigIn oFF le..





** dO yoU remembeR the memorieS we haV…??~


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