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>.<" goNna gO scH…~

troL goiN bacK 2 scH le.. sOo siaN naH… >.< go ther slacK ard.. =p loL… duNNo troL hw leh.. gt aloT of thinSs duNno sia.. –duNNo our adviseR is whO , duNno goNna study waD..? , dunnO wher is ouR lockeR gonna 2 b..?? , duNno troL report at wher alsO..?? >.<" so chaM nah.. aloT of duNNos…!!! =p hahhaha… hoPe troL wiL b fuN*2.. hopE caN gO hm early lo.. hope troL the timetable wiL b nice*2 de.. ahBo caN die naH.. T_T

troL goNna toK craP wit my freNzs le.. sOo lonG neVa c theM le.. hehhehe….

jus nw plaY ts on9.. plaY untiL so tired naH.. gt double exP ma.. so mus chioNg ma.. ahBo scH starT bo time liaO ma.. hehehe… ^^v lateR goiN ouT maKaN.. 2daY is a speciaL daY.. is father’s daY ma.. ~ yea….~~~ wisH aLL of ur papa.. haPpy fatheR’s daY~~!!  sOo gO celeBrate nor.. hahahah… nw slacKin ard nor.. oFF 2 resT le.. [^_^]


saYonaRa liaO…



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