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sOo tireD le…..~

hahhaha… 2daY leh.. watcH moVie wiT my freNzs lo.. elaIne & cUi CuI… hahha.. tt moVie quite fuNni.. caN go watcH.. =) at 1sT leh.. go buY tickets den leh gOo makaN our luncH lo… gOo meeT theM alrdY kana whacK le.. bY elaIne le.. si elaine…!!! tt naH.. watcH le.. gOo shoP*2 awhile deN i maKaN ice-creaM.. yuMMy.. tiramisU…~~ =p yea.. deN leh.. cUi cuI maKan waD chocolate de le.. duNNo le.. =p deN the si elaIne drinK oraNge smoothie lo.. drinK untiL she die… wahhahaahh~ jkjk~  loL.. deN leh.. tk traIn go hm.. deN inside traIn toK craP lo..deN reacH loT1 le..  gO shOp awhile wIt cuI*2… aft tt cUi cui peI me go buY makaN.. so gd nah.. hahhaha… deN gOO hm le lo…sOo tired le..~  

 deN leh… in msN.. caN vomiT blood.. by whO leh.. stiL gt who.. si elaine le.. kaoz de… make me vomit blood.. saY i piG.. piG heRE & ther.. nt siaN meh?? ("_) chaT wit my deaR , elaIne & iv 2gether.. kaoz de.. make me waNna die..~ ur chaT untiL veri haPPy hor? >.< ok.. deN doN saY le.. u noe i noe caN le.. sOo slpY le.. ~

dozE off…~~~~


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