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wee wEe….~~ troL gO watcH moVie wiT elaiNe & cuI cUi… loL… sI elaIne saY me 17 times de piG! knn de…  inside the msN heRe piG thEr alsO piG.. sooO manY piGs…! >.< nvm troL seTTle wiT u….! hmph~! gOo watcH tt koreaN moVie: My boyfreNz is type B!… loL.. hehhe.. duNno nice ma.. nvm don care so mucH le lo.. jus reLax.. yea… den wiL maKan luncH alsO.. maYb afT movie wiL makan dinneR 2getheR ba.. wahahahha…. ! hoPe troL wiL b fuN*2 daY ba.. heheh… hmmm… nth 2 saY le..




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