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wa kaOz de… waKe uP saW mY brO msG me saY tt laptoP spoiL…??? craP maN… nth wronG alsO spoiL…! like fisH sia… hoPe caN saVe ba.. or elSe my hearT…  sob nah.. my baObeI like tt leH… insiDe gt aloT of my faV thin sia.. kaOz de… doN spoiL ma….  deN lateR gOnna reVise my aE lo.. siaN naH… hoPe troL wiL b a finE daY lo… dOn tmd leT historY haPpeN lo… if nT my demOn forM wiL b bacK…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like fuK sia…

baObeI doN spoiL..!!! sad naH…~~  craP maN..!


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