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suX daY maN…!!!

fukeR mr koH alL u saY de neva cuM ouT de.. teL us learN diodE .. learN untiL aLL the shiT ar.. knn de.. aLL saY neva cuM ouT… hw r we gOnna paSs ma.. confirM faiL liaO lo…. fuK uP de sia… mr koH u gOnna maKe the whoLe claSs fisH bcoS u duNNo hw 2 teacH… sux maN….!!!! teL us leaRn the wksT mosT impt.. i teL u, impT ur heaD…!!! teacH alsO duNNo hw 2 teacH… !! reviSe the bhInd chaPt 4 waD.. dumbaSs!!! tesT aLL is infronT chapT de lo… ! aLwaYs saY u veri experience in teacHin…. i teL u le… u moRe experienCe in naGgin + scoLdiN + maKiN studenTs faiL….!!!! gOo learN ur daMn misTakeS….!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

** if we faiL… u goNna paY 4 iT……!!!!! tis tmD cheR:mr koH….!!!!! sux…!!!


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