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haPpy haPpy…~~ !!

hahahha…2daY leh.. our PIE cher cheaT us sia.. daMn liaR.. we gOo finD him deN he saY: 2daY no lessOn ma.. i told ur alrdy lessOn is caNceL le..(wa kaoz de.. lasT wk saY.. claSs..! remembeR 2 brinG ur bk..i’m gotta finish the lasT chapT..! waNna bluFf us.. use a sTupiD daMn exCuse..!!) shiT him.. !!  

hahahah… buT leh.. afT tt leh.. we gT pE ma.. buT leh.. neVa go cos raInin ma.. deN haLL cannoT use alsO ma..(sOo leh.. don haV 2 waiT 4 cheR de lo.. we disMiss ourself..!!) =p hahah.. deN we gOo bugIs haV our breakfasT lo.. aT banQueT… me neVa eaT coS lateR waiTin my freNz 4 luncH ma.. hehehhe… deN maKaN finisH le.. we gOo bugIs shOP*2 lo.. deN go arcaDe play.. jus like baby… =p wahhahha… buT veRi fuN la.. heehheh… deN leh… gO meeT my freNz aT bukiT baTok lo.. hehehe.. deN we go maKan lo deN tok aloT of craP lo…..~~ >.< kaNa whacK bY her lo.. hor!! ms elaIne…! [ my leG.. verI paiN u noe anoT.. !!!] stupID…! ok deN leh… meeT cuI cuI lo.. deN toK craP awhIle.. gOo buY tickeTs… heheheh…

afT den leh.. go bUy sUm tidbiTs.. me sO fuLL le.. sOo jus buY lolipoP.. =p deN go inside maKan my candY.. c hsE of waX…(nt sOo scaRy la.. jus supER er xiN only lo..) buT ouR ms elaIne kaNa scaRe sia.. gt 1 parT she screaM sia.. wahhaha.. deN me & cuI*2 jus hecK caRe her.. she continue eaTin her tidbiT, me conTinue chewIn my lolipOp lo.. LOL.. dUnno y cUi*2 stIl caN continuE eaTin sia.. wa kaoz de.. no commenT 4 her le.. only tis… —> [-_-]""

hahahha… deN afT tt leH.. we gOo hm le lo… wahahhahaha….!!! 2daY so haPpy…! thx ur le wor..!!  

heheh.. troL no scH sia.. caN resT le.. yea….!!!! deN mon nt neeD go scH.. only tuE & frI need only.. cos haV tesT ma.. deN aft tt caN go hm le lo.. sonG sia…!!!! lallaal….~~~


saYonaRa le..


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