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sOo haPpy… mY aE theroY tesT pass le… wahahahhaha… deN troL no math lessOn sOo haPpy alsO… wahahahah… duNno frI need 2 gO scH ma..(better don hav ba.. deN i caN slp like piG le.. =p) loL… 2daY leh… nth speciaL tot lo… juS wheN scH disMiss.. wheN waiTin 4 the lift saW tt dumBaSs guY(noe in maTh lesSon de lo..) i thiN he stiL remembeR us ba.. insiDe the liFt he acT like a clowN lo deN keeP smiLin 2 us….[-_-]” aiyOoo.. nth 2 saY abt him… -_-” buT leh.. quiTe fuNnI tot.. alwaYs c him, he wiL acT like clowN de..(duNNo his braIn gt siaO anot…) =p waahahhahaa…

hmmm… duNNo troL caN watcH moVie wit my freNzs anoT leh.. (hmmm…) loL… troL mornIn jus haV 2 aTtenD PIE & pE lessOn onlY sia..(yea…!! caN shakE legs…) heheh… =p hoPe troL wiL b a fuN daY ba.. ^_^v

siGniN oFF:
>MiNi -=- DeMoN<


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