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hahaha…2day leH.. we gt aE reivisOn ma.. deN aft tt gt Ae theoRY tesT lo.. i thiN i caN pass ba..(65%) wahhahaa… coS the qN aLL jus nw cher teacH us de ma.. wahhaaahah… deN 2daY sOo early gOo hm le.. buT leh… gt hmwK.. >.< lateR mus gOo do le.. siaN sia… coS troL mus haNd iN ma… >.<  

troL gt haV theorY agaiN nah.. buT troL nt neeD sOo eaRly go scH sia.. wahahahah.. caN slP abiT laTe.. hehheh… next wK gt maJor tesT le ma.. i wiL stuDy haRd de.. hhehehe… ** wIn 4 VicToRy…~ /_/ wahahhhahaha….~~ deN aFt tt leh.. wIl b oUR holidaY le naH…( i’m b waItIn 4 it nah..) >.<




sIgNiN oFF: wEi w3i [^_^]v



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