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siaN sia…

troL scH le.. mus go scH.. sOo siaN.. deN 1st lessOn is theorY sia.. 4hrs….. caN maTi leh….deN noon gt the tesT le.. duNno caN paSs anoT sia…. >.< sOo siaN…. whOle wK gOnna haV theoRy…… sob~~ buT theorY better le.. coS i haTe practicaL… wahhahaha.. haiz.. sumtImes leh.. lifE is sOo complicateD de..(doN u thin sOo ma…??)

*iF time caN turN bacK.. hw i hoPe those thIn neVa haD haPpen….* >.<

sOo leh.. mus treaSuRe eVery miN wiT ur freNz lo… hehehe… [^_^]v


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