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hhahaa.. 2daY leh.. quiTe gd tot.. receive preseNts frM my freNzs lo..(thx aloT wor..tot 2daY nt my bdaY le.. troL den is lo..but stiL sOo haPpy..) den leh.. go bacK 2 our seC scH lo.. buT suddenLy raIn so heavilY lo.. daMn de.. sOo mus waiT 4 it 2 stoP lo… hahhahaha… aft awhile 1 of my freNz cum 2 fetcH us lo.. (hahha.. cos we caL her ma.. storY cuT short ma.. so leh.. manage 2 gOo inside lo..) deN my freNz=cui weN giv me a fuNni present.. ( quiTe kawaIi tot.. xie xie wor…) **i wiL confirM buY u a daMn nice preseNt de…!! ^^ deN leh.. hav our luncH at ther lo… deN leh.. gOo shoP*2 awhile deN go hm le lo…….. ^^ hehehhh.. alsO  buy a present 4 my mama le nah.. wahhaahaha…~~

<> HapPinEss is shorT.. sOo treaSuRe it weLL…. <>


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