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haiz… 2daY abiT mooDy..

2daY mornIn leh.. sumthiN nt gd happeN lo.. luckY settle le.. phew..~ ok den leh.. go 2 scH laTe lo.. bo biaN lo.. LOL.. reacH scH abt 8.50am (lessOn starT at 8.30) =p ok.. hahhaha.. deN leh.. aft lessOn le.. we gT Pe lo.. weatHeR sOoooo hOt sia…… goNna melT off le.. >.<

deN leh.. we haV a fuNni timE durIn our pe lessOn lo.. hahha.. laughIn aLL th waY.. sumhw reLax abiT ba.. ^^ deN leh.. no mooD go matH lessOn sOo…. leh… skiP lessOn lo.. yea… (plannIn 2 quiT le.. sOo siaN sia.. & sOo strESs le…)  streSs untiL my freNz & my relativEs saY i bcuM thiN le nah… hahahah…. (theY thin 2 mucH le ba..) LOL…

deN troL leh.. aft scH plaN 2 go bacK seC scH lo.. peI my freNz go bacK de.. wonder hw my chers wiL b lo…(hhahaha…) deN goNna haV our luncH theR lo… hoPe troL wiL b a fuN daY… hehhee…


One thought on “haiz… 2daY abiT mooDy..

  1. Hmmm.. no matter wad happens, jus stay cool and try to settle things down jie.. =>Hai ya.. Roy Phang lesson late oso nvm.. lol.. no use de.. den pe hot good mah.. burn off all ur FATs! LOL~!Hmmm.. maths lesson no need to go de la.. noe the basics can liao.. lolx.. though i fail la.. LOL~!Thin good mah.. later ur BF the eyes pop out when he sees ur Figure of 8.. wahahahahahahh!!!!MMM.. hope u enjoy ur day tml bah.. take care!! ;)Signing off.. Aaron.

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