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hhahaha.. 2day leh.. everythIn gO weLL sia.. my aE retesT paSs le.. sOo haPpy..yea…!  no mOre sTress le nah.. sOo sonG sia.. wahahhaha.. hmmm… 2daY leh.. insidE caFe saw a fuNni guY(whO i noe durIn matH lesSoN de..) hahaha.. neva tot tt he is freNz of my freNz sia..( fate is jK wiT us de..) hahaha.. ok le.. he hor.. sOo weird.. i hear he asK my freNz whicH 1 is ur freNz lo..(hahha.. sOo dumbasS de.. of coS is me le.. Neva use braIn.. =p ) ok cuT shorT.. =p deN leh.. aft he noe liaO le..he asK my freNz 2 caL mE ovEr lo.. ok fine.. sO i gO lo.. deN leH.. hE asK me 1 verI fuNni qn.. HoW dO u thIn I aM..?? (fuNni qn hor..??) sOo leh.. i aNs him… aileN…!!! wahahhahaha… sOo leH.. a fuNni qn shd b anS in a fuNni waY ma.. hor..? LOL.. ok le.. tt guY puT a stoP le..(hecK carE it..) =p


nw sOo reLax le.. tot mOn gOnna haV aE theorY tesT lo.. >.< deN leh.. nw we gOnnna haV reVisioN & revisiOn & blaH blaH…. >.< sOo siaN… *yawN….~~


hahha.. nw caN reLax abiT le sia.. sOo haPpy.. ^_^v


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