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HaPpy daY.. =D

hhahaha.. 2day leh.. sOo happY.. coS my EEp phaSe tesT paSs le ma..sOo happY…

deN leh.. receive my schoLaRshiP aWaRd le ma.. thiN abT $1200 ba.. wahahhaha.. ^_^V sOo sonG..$_$ besT preseNt i haV eveR receiVe.. =D .. LOL.. bdaY cuMin sOon le ma.. 7 MaY.. (tis saT wor..) duNno waD wiL haPpeN on frI alsO..(kaNa whacK 17times?? OMG.. loL..sshhh.. dOn teL any1 wor..) =p .. deN troL leh.. early in the MorNin gOnna haV eep theorY tesT le.. >.< nvM wiL trY my besT de.. deN nooN leh.. gt my re-tesT 3-5pm sia….(gOnna roT in the caFe le.. kaoZ de..) sOb…  but.. leh.. nvM.. stiL wiL trY my besT de.. yea…


afT troL i wiL haV a reLaX miNd le.. yea.. sOo haPpy.. =) hoPe everyThIn wiL b fiNe.. cheer..!




One thought on “HaPpy daY.. =D

  1. First of all, congratz for passing ur EEP Phase Test.. Second, nice to hear tat u’ve got scholarship.. Good job jie.. ;)Third, Happy Bdae in advance.. U wont get a beating one la.. -.- Who beat u, i beat them.. =>Fourth, Good luck to ur test tml! =DLastly, write me a comment too!!! Long Long de.. LOL~! jus like this! =P

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